Lanerossi has always been committed to protecting the environment.


Conscious of the importance of these efforts, we aim at making our products increasingly sustainable. The choice of materials, the use of renewable energy sources and the collaboration with eco-friendly projects make Lanerossi's commitment to the care of the land and animals a reality.

Lanerossi Green Label

With the twofold aim of safeguarding the environment and reinforcing awareness of the importance of its protection, Lanerossi has created the Green Label range. The collection maintains the highest standards of quality, design and research while fully committing to respecting the environment and the community that inhabits it. The extraordinary selection of raw materials guarantees the high quality of each article, making them fully sustainable at the same time.

Discover Lanerossi Green Label


Committing to strict sustainability standards and criteria, Lanerossi has achieved a number of important certifications over the years. 

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

The Global Recycled Standard’s goal is to reduce the consumption of resources, including raw materials, water and energy. In doing so, GRS aims to increase the quality of recycled products. Social and environmental sustainability criteria are extremely strict, as they aim to regulate workers' rights, product traceability, use of chemicals, water supply, energy saving, emissions and waste management. Lanerossi products made from pre-consumer recycled fibres are certified with the Global Recycled Standard.

Woolmark® - Pure new wool

Lanerossi products made of pure new wool are certified WOOLMARK® PURE NEW WOOL. This international certification guarantees the high standard of the product and attests to compliance with rigorous quality standards.


STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® guarantees that Lanerossi products made from virgin wool are free from harmful substances and therefore safe for both human health and the environment. This certification also regulates and guarantees that any substances produced during processing are within the limits of the standard set by OEKO-TEX.

Inter Rao renewable energy

In addition to using eco-sustainable materials, Lanerossi has chosen to only use electricity derived from renewable sources (wind, water, sun and earth) produced and certified by AB Inter Rao Lietuva.


Sustainability projects

Lanerossi's commitment does not stop with the use of renewable materials and energy sources. Trying to strengthen the awareness of environmental issues, we have decided to join projects aimed at its protection. 

Since 2021 Lanerossi has been part of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. This project works with NGOs, fishermen, authorities and local communities to help clean up our oceans. Marine waste from our beaches, the ocean floor and ocean surface, as well as from rivers and estuaries, is collected through clean-up programmes. The waste is then sorted into distinct types of material, with the plastic portion being cleaned and processed into Upcycled Marine Plastic. Environmentally conscious brands and manufacturers turn this new, fully traceable raw material into sustainable products. These items are useful and reusable in every aspect of our daily lives. Consumers' purchasing power is one of the most powerful tools for change, and by choosing products containing recycled marine plastic, we help clean up our oceans. 



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