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LUCKY YOU by Paola Navone

OTTO Studio

“With over 200 years of history, Lanerossi boasts a truly unique historical and cultural heritage: an important and precious legacy. From here we started to carry out a profound reflection on the company archive. This has led us to rediscover and enhance some iconic pieces by launching a line of re-editions called Memory is my home. At the same time, Lanerossi wants to dialogue with the contemporary by addressing the different generations, without forgetting its heritage but starting from it to innovate its products from a formal, material and aesthetic point of view. The new collections are born from this premise, which on the one hand reinterpret our stylistic code and, on the other, show the brand's ability to innovate and intercept the requests of its customers. And the Milan store was also born with the same objective which, in its design, recalls identifying elements of Lanerossi and its history but at the same time declares the brand's desire to look ahead, projecting itself towards the future.

Luca Vignaga, CEO Marzotto Lab

LUCKY YOU – Plaid - design by Paola Navone - OTTO Studio

And it is precisely a tribute to the new Lanerossi adventure in Milan, the architect and designer Paola Navone creates the limited edition plaid " Lucky You ". With her disruptive and eclectic style, the designer is capable of reconciling inspirations and distant worlds with the spirit of a brand that has made creative freedom and experimentation with new languages ​​its hallmark.

In their first collaboration with Lanerossi, Paola Navone and OTTO Studio design the LUCKY YOU 100% virgin wool plaid .

Almost like in a cheerful manual of luck, amulets and talismans that tell the story of the whole world mix, on the surface of the plaid, with pop objects and lucky symbols.

A design that recalls a blanket stitch, in an intense orange color, hems and embellishes all the edges.

In the center the two big eyes stand out, the iconic image of OTTO Studio. They are curious eyes, wide open on the world that wish small and large wonders to feel amazement and enchantment. Then there is the small Japanese maneki neko cat who brings wealth to those who approach by following the invitation of his paw and the horseshoe , a superstitious object with a long tradition, here linked to the suitcase which refers to the nomadic spirit of the study and the emotion of a new journey, the most beautiful of wishes.

The number 8 , the Chinese number of luck, appears on the billiard ball and on the pair of dice just thrown, a universal symbol of good luck and victory, while four of aces is the winning hand by definition.

The fan and the light bulb, amusing pop digressions, also have a small magical meaning: the light bulb is intuition, the brilliant idea that drives away doubts, the fan banishes the evil eye and bad thoughts. The graphic signs are fantastic ideograms , some imaginatively asemantic, others freely inspired by magical symbols.

The last symbol of this curious collection of lucky objects is a soft Lanerossi elbow whose head ends with a four-leaf clover , a good luck message dedicated to the new Milanese opening of the brand.
On the back, a decoration that recalls the touches of the brush allows you to use the plaid as desired on both sides.

With exceptional softness, the LUCKY YOU plaid is made of pure virgin wool , Woolmark certified, obtained from selected flocks of merino breed sheep, characterized by excellent thermal insulation, thermoregulation properties and great ability to absorb humidity.

The first Lanerossi monobrand store has opened in the heart of Brera , the most evocative and dynamic district in Milan, amidst design, lifestyle, food, art and culture.

A fundamental stage for Lanerossi, whose history , over the course of the last century, has been closely linked with the Milanese city , from participation in the first editions of the Triennale Exhibition at the Palazzo dell'Arte since 1933, to the presence in the main textile fairs, to the choice of Milan for the launch of advertising campaigns, starting from the 60s signed by Paganino, Armando Testa and Pino Tovaglia.


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