TRACCE by Marta Giardini

A dive into Lanerossi's historical archives brings back inspiration of winding designs that seem to be blurred and rippled by water, threads of wool that intertwine, and colors that blend to create a blurred watercolor effect.

"It is as if drops of color have fallen from the woolen yarn, leaving imprints on the fabric to form special patterns."

For this special capsule presented at Milan Design Week 2024, Marta Giardini has imagined those woolen threads as delicate brushes soaked in color that leave heavenly traces on 100% percent linen cushions and regenerated cotton jacquard blankets.

"The collection has a material soul related to the wool I saw in the archive, with nuances created by the threads and where the contours are soft. I wanted the designs to convey what I felt the moment I saw those small samples of wool. We created the designs by placing a woolen thread soaked in color on a wet surface so that it could leave its imprint."

100% linen cushions printed in five different designs in shades of blue, ocher and green give a fresh and innovative touch to the home.


Regenerated cotton jacquard blanket with a fresh and light hand in shades of blue, ocher and green: perfect for the summer season both outdoors and indoors.


Nel cuore di Brera, il più suggestivo e dinamico quartiere milanese, tra design, lifestyle, food, arte e cultura, ha aperto il primo store monobrand di Lanerossi.

Una tappa fondamentale per Lanerossi, la cui storia, nel corso dell’ultimo secolo, è stata legata a doppio filo con la città meneghina, dalla partecipazione alle prime edizioni dell’Esposizione Triennale presso il Palazzo dell’Arte dal 1933, alla presenza nelle principali fiere tessili, alla scelta di Milano per il lancio delle campagne pubblicitarie, a partire dagli anni ’60 firmate da Paganino, Armando Testa e Pino Tovaglia.


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