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Our History

Founded in 1817 by Francesco Rossi and Eleonora Pasini, Lanerossi boasts 200 years’ worth of experience.

Our History

Founded in 1817 by Francesco Rossi and Eleonora Pasini, Lanerossi boasts 200 years’ worth of experience. After the death of the founder, Alessandro Rossi took over the management of the wool mill and launched a large-scale technological modernisation project. Upgrading the traditional industrial model, the entrepreneur involved the social and cultural spheres, giving rise to a significant period of prosperity. The wool mill and the residential structure known as 'the Workers' Quarter of Schio' grew and became increasingly affluent. Many residential units for employees were built between 1872 and 1880, along with schools and nurseries for children. Alessandro Rossi's enlightened leadership made the brand a true emblem of social modernity, creating a strong bond with the communities where the factories were located. 

With the aim of modernising the wool mill inherited from his father, the entrepreneur introduced a number of remarkable improvements that made Lanerossi a cutting-edge brand. Wooden machines were replaced by steel ones, and, thanks to technological innovation, production was diversified resulting in new fabrics.

The course of Lanerossi’s modernisation has never ceased. Over the years, our continued collaboration with international designers, graphic designers, inventive minds and artists has allowed us to renew our visual language in an experimental and innovative way. With regards to creating advertising material, we have collaborated with high-calibre figures such as: Fortunato Depero, Adolfo Busi, Armando Testa's advertising studio, the modernist duo Bruno Munari and Riccardo Ricas, Bob Noorda, Pino Tovaglia, Salvatore Gregorietti and Claudia Morgagni. 

In 1958, Lanerossi was officially awarded the prize for the best advertising campaign of the year, created by the illustrators Riccardo Manzi, Haëm (Hans Meury) and Sto (Sergio Tofano). The Palma d'Oro, awarded by the Italian Advertising Federation, is one of the various awards presented to Lanerossi.


"Baldo e Poldo"

In the 1960s, thanks to the innovative tool of television advertising, Lanerossi began to broadcast its ads in the iconic Carosello advertising show. 


1817 - The origins

Francesco Rossi and Eleonora Pasini founded a factory in Schio, a town in the province of Vicenza. The business employed 58 workers, 40 of whom worked at home. 

1848 - Generational change

Alessandro Rossi took over the management of the wool mill after his father's death and began to modernise it. 

1861 - Social commitment

Alessandro Rossi launched many social sustainability initiatives to improve the life and physical well-being of the workers. The Mutual Aid Society was founded.

1862 - The Fabbrica Alta

In collaboration with Italian architects and technicians, Alessandro Rossi built a modern building called the Fabbrica Alta.

1872 - A new project

Alessandro Rossi inaugurated the design of the New Workers' Quarter in Schio. 

1900 - Growth

The workforce grew from 58 to 3500. In the first half of the twentieth century, Lanerossi produced a wide range of woollen textiles, yarns and fabrics, also expanding into the international market.

1942 - Termocoperta: first patent

8000 experiments, 400 types of fabric. Umberto Giandomenici created the Termocoperta, a thermal winter blanket, and patented it. 

1947 - The new monogram

Enrico Ciuti created the iconic R-shaped monogram. 

1953 - Vicenza Calcio

The Lanerossi Vicenza Associazione Calcio was founded as a result of the meeting between Lanerossi Schio and Vicenza Calcio: the first instance of football sponsorship in Italy. 

1961 - Trademarks

Messages from famous advertising campaigns are registered as trademarks: "37 even in winter", "37 all year round" and "37 throughout the seasons". 

1962 - ENI

ENI acquired control of Lanerossi, initiating a phase of modernisation and centralisation of production. 

1987 - The Marzotto Group

Lanerossi became part of the Marzotto Group, the current owner of the brand with the company Marzotto Lab.

2017 - 200 years

"The red thread of ideas: 200 years of Lanerossi", an exhibition organised at Pitti Uomo in Florence, celebrated the anniversary of the foundation. 


The finest raw materials and artisanal care during the production phase are two elements that have always been central to Lanerossi’s philosophy. Meticulous attention to detail and design characterises each product, enabling them to improve the ambience of the home. 

Drawing on 200 years of experience, Lanerossi has never forgotten the importance of research. With an eye on the future, we convey our corporate values with an approach that remains innovative. Renewing itself with experimental and straightforward design language, Lanerossi is able to rethink and enhance its visual heritage passed down through generations. 

The Memory is my Home project perfectly reflects the combination of research and tradition. The passion for design and creativity keeps its inherited visual heritage in the foreground, yet it acquires new meaning when reinterpreted. 

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A garment is not a simple product, but a casket of memories and sensations. Setting out to enhance the importance of their emotional value, Lanerossi reinterprets the tradition and quality of its materials. “Under the cover”, a workshop and exhibition organized by the Iuav University of Venice, exemplifies the commitment we employ in giving new centrality to tradition. The blanket, the protagonist of this project, as well as a symbol for Lanerossi, has been observed from two different perspectives. The cultural and material history of the garment, characterized by the reinterpretation of fabric samples, meets design research in fashion to give a new interpretation to archived materials. Protagonists of this experience, the students of the Fashion Design degree course have developed various projects which, in their heterogeneity, have given a new voice to the materials present in the archive. The attention to research and innovation is also reflected in the various collaborations that Lanerossi continues to promote such as, for example, the one with Opera Contemporary. Furthermore, ever new generations of creatives cooperate with us to renew and reinterpret our historic visual heritage.


The interest in innovation and research is also reflected in the attention we pay to sustainability. The partnership with TEDx Cortina D'Ampezzo 2019 is just one example of the many activities with which Lanerossi is committed to promoting responsible attitudes aimed at protecting the environment.

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