La Casa Lanerossi

Milano Design Week 2024

Home begins with wool

The blanket expresses the original essence of the home: it is coziness, warmth, shelter, a nest to cuddle and protect. It accompanies us through our most personal moments and it is something that makes us feel good and never lonely.

Casa Lanerossi is modernizing the founders' original spirit - producing the best blanket to warm and comfort whoever wears it - making it a home to welcome the soul. It is a space made of matter and emotions, to be experienced with warm elegance between lightness and depth.

Spaces and emotions

The essence of the home is in the emotions it conveys to us.
Studio Salaris' concept for Casa Lanerossi projects the blanket and wool in their material and symbolic aspects as archetypes of human living in its most intimate and profound aspects.

Casa Lanerossi transforms space into a place to explore and play in, a nest to take refuge in. As Alessandra Salaris says: "Home as shelter, solace, a nest, protection, is pure love just as the body protects the soul. In a somewhat heavenly and abstract way, the house was represented in our
set-up to tell of how Lanerossi wraps us with its fabrics and gathers us in a cozy embrace to make us feel all the warmth without seeing."

The journey accompanies guests amidst the coziness of raw wool and playful scenes, traversing volumes and sensations to culminate in the most intimate place: in the cover that has always protected us.

TRACCE - The language of woolen threads

Marta Giardini has taken inspiration from the inexhaustible Lanerossi archive and the more organic nature of wool in creating the Tracce collection. The woolen yarn becomes a brush with irregular materiality and blended strokes, leaving watery, organic and almost heavenly traces of color.

It is a delicate and contemporary language that tells of Lanerossi's unique heritage through the light brushstrokes of pure wool yarn, rather than in the reworking of the Triennial design produced by Lanerossi in 1938 and here repurposed in colors and shapes that keep it timeless.

Marta Giardini has created a capsule that uses threads of wool to bind the entire Casa Lanerossi concept with installation and design, simultaneously declaring a vision that has lasted for more than two hundred years.


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